Airbnb Mate is the first project I individually worked on Adobe XD. 
In the event Adobe Creative Jam x Airbnb, all participants of any level in Adobe XD was welcome to join and practice Adobe XD. The mission was to create an app that practically supports users in sharing their experience, especially during this hard time when traveling is limited.
I chose to stick to Airbnb app, with a similar color palette and font family similar to that of Airbnb. Also, I combined tools from masterpiece social media products such as Facebook, Google, and Trips Advisor. This opportunity, thus, set me in the XD vibe and learn from prototypes, text hierarchy in the mobile app, to the responsive display.​​​​​​​
Assignment in June 2020, completed in 1.5 months.
Applications in use: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator
Click here to view the prototype.

Presentations in using the Airbnb Mate app:
Airbnb x Adobe Creative Jam

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